2016 Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump #1 0

Let’s talk about that debate.

Well. We made it through the debates last night. The Internet is packed full of analysis and fact-checking this morning, so I’m not going to add to that too much.

2016 Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump #1 0

2016 Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump #1

We’ve got a debate tonight, the first debate. The expectations are wildly out of whack. Trump, a man who couldn’t tell you the truth if you had a gun to his head, basically just has to not literally crap himself on stage to come out of this looking good. Hillary, on the other hand, will have to bring about the Second Coming, judging by what I’m hearing folks say. This is insane.

Agents of SHIELD: The Ghost | Ghost Rider 0

Agents of SHIELD: The Ghost (S4, Ep.1 | Spoilers)

I was a little surprised to see a character like Ghost Rider introduced on Agents of SHIELD. I’m mostly familiar with the Johnny Blaze version of the character, so unless Robbie Reyes’ version has been significantly depowered, Ghost Rider is the biggest, heaviest hitter AoS has ever brought out. GR can go toe-to-toe with Thor, no kidding. He’s tough. He might be the heaviest hitter in any of Marvel’s TV series, so far.

Lucifer: Everything's Coming Up Lucifer 0

Lucifer: Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer (S2, Ep. 01)

Lucifer is one of those shows that I would never have expected to be any good. It’s based on a comic book that won a lot of acclaim, but as a TV show? And with as many changes as they made to the concept and characters? There’s no way a police procedural that buddies up the actual Devil with a homicide detective should work.