Black Alice: 9) Thunderstruck

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, Irish had been fighting for his life against the Knight of Cups, Jada, and Alice was trying madly to avoid the whole mess.

There was one long, awful second while I was falling where I thought I was going to have to kill him, and I was suddenly uncertain. It hit me that I wasn’t really sure if I could. I wasn’t having a fit of sudden sentimentality, I actually wasn’t sure if I had the ability to kill him.

I landed on my back in cold mud. My head hit something hard; a rock, maybe, or a wooden spar. In that second, when the sudden pain and surprise had me off balance, the shadow swelled in my mind. I felt her power, her emptiness opening vast and endless inside me. She could do it. All I had to do was let her.

The pertinent question here was, if I took the leash off her and let her do whatever she had to do to destroy the bastard, would I ever get her back under control again? I really didn’t know. I’d never tried. There was always the chance that I wouldn’t even be around to make the attempt.

Above me, Irish caught a spinning car door by the edge and flipped it aside with all the effort I might put into catching a frisbee. I jerked in surprise, blinking, while my head tried to make sense of that. Car door? The hell? My head had been in the projectile’s path half a heartbeat ago.

I rolled over onto my stomach and elbows as Irish stepped over me.

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