The Corvallis Snowpocalypse 2014

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We’ve had 18+ inches of snow in Corvallis in the last two days, and this morning it changed to freezing rain and sleet. It’s supposed to warm up Sunday and Monday, though, so all this mess should be gone, soon. In the meantime, photos! If you hover your mouse over each photo, you’ll see a caption and who took the photo.

Marci Sischo

After watching her parents murdered by a mugger in a back alley, Marci Sischo grew up vowing to become the world's greatest detec -- wait, that's Batman. Theorizing that one could time travel within her own lifetime, Marci Sischo stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator -- no, no. That's Dr. Sam Beckett. Drat. Marci Sischo grew up in northern Michigan, and moved to Oregon in 2009. Yes! She's the Commuter's webmaster, pursuing a journalism degree at LBCC, and in her dwindling spare time, she's co-authoring an urban fantasy novel.

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