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One more time, kids. Let’s talk about that debate. And then some other, more fun, stuff.

2016 Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump #1

Donald Trump, right; Hillary Clinton, left. (Source & Credits.)

Fine, fine, I’ll talk about politics again. But I want it noted that I’m doing this resentfully. I had fully intended to ignore both the election and the rest of 2016 for… well, the rest of 2016. What an inestimable shitshow this whole thing has been.

So, we had the debate last night, where Trump blustered through all his greatest hits in terms of BS. Here’s Politifact’s annotated transcript of the debate,’s fact check of the debate, and WaPo’s fact check. Clinton had a few BS-y moments, too, but it’s really hard to compare Clinton’s occasional dissembling and light forays into hyperbole to Trump’s blatant and deliberate misrepresentations of reality.

Trump was asked last night whether he’d accept the results of the election or not, and he replied, “I will look at it at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, OK?” This is mind-boggling. Trump’s handlers were quick to walk that back, several of them making a point of saying, basically, that Trump was full of crap and yes they’d totally accept the results of Election Day. Because even the GOP knows it’s a bad idea to question the fundamentals of democracy for no reason other than that you’re badly losing an election.

You’re gonna hear a lot about “rigged elections” for awhile, so, just so you know, voter fraud is not a thing. Say it with me, out loud: “Voter fraud is not a thing.” From the linked article,

Under Republican President George W. Bush, the U.S. Justice Department searched for voter fraud. But in the first three years of the program, just 26 people were convicted or pled guilty to illegal registration or voting. Out of 197,056,035 votes cast in the two federal elections held during that period, the rate of voter fraud was a miniscule 0.00000132 percent!

And here’s James Clapper talking about “rigging” elections:

Vox has a thing about “election rigging,” and NPR has talked about it, too. The election’s not rigged, folks. It’s just that Trump is awful and is losing. Okay, that’s all of the debate I can stand. Here’s a Storify of my debate livetweets, if you’re interested.

In other news, we’ve got another woman accusing Trump of sexual assault, by the way. That makes, what, 10? 12? Something like that.

To wrap up the election-flavored news, here’s a great read in about the GOP and what happened to it, and if you’d like to talk to someobody about that, you can now “Call a Deplorable.” Or an Elitist. Whichever is opposite you.

Late Breaking Addition (goddammit): Donald Trump says he will “totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win.” Jesus H. Christ on a souped-up motorcycle. Here. Just read about it. 🙄

Also, you may have heard that Julian Assange, the Wikileaks guy, lost his Internet access. There were some wild conspiracy theories about his death because of that, but it turns out Ecuador just shut off his Internet. Because the US asked them to. And the Ecuadorians were apparently happy to oblige, because they’re pretty sick of Assange.

Okay! On to other topics! The Washington Institute has a long read about the liberation of Mosul. It’s a bit dry and dense, but interesting if you can power through. To help wash it down, here’s a thing about monkeys making tools. I mean, by accident, but they’re getting there. We might have some competition brewing, folks.

Hank Green gave a talk at NerdCon and posted the text to his Medium blog a few days ago, and it’s a pretty great read about mental health. Give it a look.

In a sort of vaguely similar vein, you may have heard of Chuck Tingle, the guy who writes and self-publishes… um… gay erotica? I guess? About anal sex with various concepts and weird objects that have come to life? Chuck Tingle is hard to explain. You kind of have to experience Chuck Tingle. But anyway, this past summer the Rabid Puppies, a pack of dickweasels who desperately want to ruin the Hugo Awards, nominated Chuck Tingle for a Hugo, intending to make a laughingstock of the award. Except it turned out that Chuck Tingle was so incredibly awesome that it just made the Rabid Puppies look like the classless bunch of dickweasels that they are.

Anyway, Vox wrote a really great article about Chuck Tingle, talking about all the various mythologies that have sprung up around the guy. It’s a pretty good read.

And – saving the best for last – we got a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II teaser trailer yesterday. But that’s not all – the first trailer for the third Wolverine movie, Logan, dropped this morning. Check it out:

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