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5TtRT: Donald Trump Jr., Ta-Nehisi Coates, Paul Manafort & DACA

5TtRT: Donald Trump Jr., Ta-Nehisi Coates, Paul Manafort & DACA

Donald Trump, Jr., by Gage Skidmore. (Source & license.)

We’ve got a chance for rain today, and a better chance for some tonight, which is good news because we need it. The air is heavy with humidity and smoke, and we could really use a hard rain to clear things up, not to mention dampening the spirits of the many fires still blazing in Oregon.

In other news, my favorite Trump news resource, WTFJHT, is working on an overview of various plot threads in the Trump administration. I think the plan there is to have a one-stop-shop where you can go read a quick blurb about the latest status of various ongoing catastrophes of the Trump admin, like what’s up with the Wall, the Russia investigation, the trans military ban, DACA, etc. Keep an eye on that – that could turn out to be a pretty handy resource.

Moving on: Today we’ve got two articles about DACA – one about passing a replacement through Congress and one from a Dreamer – plus news on Donald Trump Jr. (he’s still a lying dummy) and Paul Manafort (who’s probably getting deeper in trouble every day), and an amazing essay by Ta-Nehisi Coates that you definitely need to read.

5 Things to Read Today (9/7/17)

New York Times: Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ for Office
“Donald Trump Jr. told Senate investigators on Thursday that he set up a June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer because he was intrigued that she might have damaging information about Hillary Clinton, saying it was important to learn about Mrs. Clinton’s ‘fitness’ to be president.”

The Atlantic: The First White President
“The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.” (This is a long article by Ta-Nehisi Coates, but if you only read one thing today, make it this. If it’s easier to listen, there’s also an audio version embedded in the article.)

Wall Street Journal: Paul Manafort’s Overseas Political Work Had a Notable Patron: a Russian Oligarch
“Efforts by the former Trump campaign chairman to advance interests in Ukraine, Georgia and Montenegro were often connected to Oleg Deripaska.” ( Mirror)

FiveThirtyEight: Congress Probably Has The Votes To Make DACA Law. But That Doesn’t Mean It Will.
“That’s why I would conclude that there is a possibility that majorities in both chambers would pass this legislation … if it gets to a formal vote. Of course, that’s a big if that basically comes down to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s willingness to bring legislation to the floor that would pass with a majority of Democrats but a minority of Republicans voting yes. That’s something Congressional leaders have been loathe to do.”

Politico: I Came to America When I Was 3. What Am I Supposed to Do in Mexico?
“My parents didn’t teach me Spanish. I grew up in a small town in Alabama, speak with a Southern accent, and didn’t even know I was undocumented until I was 16 years old. I grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and have always considered this country my home.”

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