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Agents of SHIELD: Uprising (S4, Ep. 3 | Spoilers)

Last night on Agents of SHIELD, Dr. Radcliffe turned May off and back on again to fix her Ghostface Disease. We see what you did there, Agents of SHIELD. Basic troubleshooting FTW.

And it worked. After a fraught few minutes due to a blackout caused by an EMP terrorist attack, where Dr. Radcliffe and Jemma couldn’t use the electric paddles to restart May’s heart, Dr. Radcliffe borrowed AIDA’s battery and got May going again.

While all that was happening, Coulson, Mack and Fitz were in Miami saving the world, like they do. Everything about this plot is fantastic, from the fights to Fitz to Coulson’s hand getting stuck to the driver’s wheel in their car. Mostly Fitz, to be fair. Seriously, when did he get so badass in a fight? He got some asskicking done last season, but he’s really come along.

Also, Daisy ghosted on Ghost Rider. Y’all caught that one, too, right? This show, I swear.

Plotwise we got some more clues. Robbie’s uncle, Eli Morrow, is apparently alive, in prison, and somehow involved with what happened to make our ghosts ghosty. Also, it’s looking more and more like they went the traditional route with Robbie, giving him an actual “deal with the Devil and Spirit of Vengeance” Johnny Blaze-style origin, instead of his comic book origins. Which means we might get to see a Penance Stare sometime this season. Which would be nothing short of amazeballs.

Also, the Watch Dogs are up to something, trying to frame Inhumans for terrorist attacks, and they’ve apparently got a senator in their pocket. And their senator has a cocooned Inhuman in her living room, I guess? I not sure exactly what was going on there, but I’m sure it’s not going to lead anywhere good.

On a side note, I’m really liking Yo Yo this season. I like her calm, her confidence, the way she handles Mack’s anger at her – she’s just all around a great character. It really contrasts with how much I don’t like Daisy, with her whiny emo bullshit, this season.

With Coulson and Co.’s win, SHIELD is back out of the shadows and an actual government agency, on the books and everything, again. I wonder what this’ll mean, going forward, for the movies? I mean, nothing much, probably, since the movie guys and the TV guys can’t get their crap together and play nice, but it would be cool if SHIELD got a cameo in the next Avengers movie.

Line of the Night Award

“What? No, I just need the corks. And I’m also gonna need some needles and some bowls of water. What, didn’t any of you guys go to the Scouts? We’re making compasses. Oh, come on. It’s rudimentary science. Yeah, no big deal. Just rudimentary science. Maybe saving the day.” – Leo Fitz, science nerd superhero.

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