Thursday, October 6, 2016, 4:45pm

Arrow: Legacy (S5, Ep. 1)

In my head, the Arrow writers room is right across the hall from the Flash writers room, and when it came time to do the season premieres this year, one of the guys from Arrow leaned out the door and yelled, “Hey, what are you guys doing for the Flash premiere this year?”

And one of the Flash guys hollered back, “We’re doing angst!”

“Okay,” called the Arrow guy. “We’re gonna do ass-kicking, then.”

“Sounds good!”

And they both went off and wrote their episodes. I don’t know if actually went down anything like that, but it feels like it should have, right?

Not a lot actually happened in “Legacy.” Two new bad guys – Tobias Church, a crime lord, and some “dark archer”-type guy everyone thinks might be like an Arrow version of Prometheus – are introduced. Felicity eventually convinces a stubborn Ollie to form a new team. Dig’s at war somewhere. Quentin’s back and having a fling with Jim Beam. Mama Smoak is gone (thank god). Felicity has a boyfriend. Curtis wants to join Team Arrow. Someone commissioned a really awful statue of Black Canary. SCPD is corrupt (shocker!). Ollie’s back to killing people. We’re doing the Bratva arc for the flashbacks and Anatoli is back (yay!). That’s about it.

What filled up all the spare time was literally all of the brutal asskickings. Just all of them, holy crap. I don’t know who’s doing fight coordination this year but damn. Whoever it is brought their A game. We got trick arrows. We got vicious beatings. We got that ridiculously spectacular helicopter fight with the parachute arrow that was at once hilarious and awesome. It was an exhausting episode to watch.

The Flash did a lot of set up for their season story arc, but in Arrow, they’re more just putting the pieces out on the board. We don’t have a real hint of their strategy yet. It was a pretty amazing episode, though. I don’t want to get my hopes too far up yet, since season four opened strong before losing its way, but they’re up a little bit.

A Few Random Thoughts

  • Ollie’s decided to put killing back on the table, which is fine, that’s sort of what last season was about. But he seems to be struggling with the whole “when to kill a dude” concept, which I don’t feel should be this difficult to grok. Your choices aren’t just “kill all of the dudes” or “kill none of the dudes,” Ollie. You can exercise some judgement, there.
  • Felicity’s boyfriend is totally a bad guy. Everyone knows that, right? We’re not going to be shocked when it turns out he’s using her to get to the Green Arrow, or kidnaps her, or it’s revealed he’s this Prometheus guy or whatever, okay?
  • How far out from T-Spheres do you think we are? We saw prototypes of them in that Superhero Fight Club 2.0 video they put out last week.
  • Please, please CW comics gods, let’s keep the relationship drama at a bare minimum this year. I really can’t abide any more weepy Felicity.

Line of the Night Award

“And keep that elevated.” Arrow to Wild Dog, just before shooting him in the leg.

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