Black Alice © A dark urban fantasy by Marci Sischo & James Agle.

The Detroit International Riverfront and skyline — Detroit, Michigan. From across the Detroit River in Windsor, Canada. Taken Jan. 29th 2006 (exactly 1 week before Superbowl XL) by Shakil Mustafa.

Alice Frye is an Artificer living in Highland Park, and she’s perfectly happy running her curio shop full of gewgaws and magical artifacts. That is, until the local Inquisitor of the Order strides into her store and demands her assistance dealing with a new supernatural threat, putting Alice in danger from every side, and forcing her to not only save herself and her city, but to actually give a damn, for a change.

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© 2017 (Originally Written 2010) | Black Alice is a dark urban fantasy by Marci Sischo & James Agle. (Featured Image Credit.)