23) Endgame

Kay’s voice echoed throughout the building and alarms began sounding.

“Shit, Svenka, get the goddamn door open!” Ren was frantic, pushing on the locked door.

“Stand back Ren. There’s no reason for subtlety at this point.” I raised my foot to kick the door in but she forestalled me.

“The security on this door hasn’t been compromised yet and I’d like to keep it that way.” At the same time Svenka chimed in over the mindlink.


Zombie Fiction: 22) All Work and No Play

“Are you sure about this place Svenka? It looks a little out of control to me.” We had pulled up in front of a club that had no sign out front but still had a line around the block. The music that pulsed out of the front every time the door opened to admit some of the questionable individuals waiting outside sounded a bit like someone beating on household appliances with hammers. “Is that guy wearing a leather skirt and a gimp mask?”


21) Betrayal and Revelation

Svenka grinned, “I’m going to go and pack up a bunch of gear. Why don’t you get dressed hon? While I enjoy the view it’s not exactly travel attire.”

“I’ve got some time; we’re not leaving until after the sun sets. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid notice if at all possible.”


20) How I Met Your Lover

“Holy fucking hell did ya see that shit? I’m some kick ass driver right, I mean if there was anyone else behind the wheel they’d have been Swiss Cheese but not this guy. Seriously babe, I can take ya anywhere faster than anyone else. You just say the word and…


18) Here’s the Plan

“How is Burnham still alive?” Mec was relighting his cigar, “That is a valid question Hex, and one which I also do not have an answer for.” “Well then I’ll just have to ask him myself.” I paused and gave him a level look, “I think you shouldn’t be here…