Thursday, November 3, 2016, 8:00am

The election is five days away, people.

A lot of today’s big news revolves around James Comey, the FBI, the distinct anti-Clinton streak running through the FBI, and another big Podesta email dump.

Also the Cubs. But I’m pretty sure everyone’s already heard about that one.

I haven’t paid much attention to the Podesta emails, personally. Everything I’ve read through there has been pretty banal. The James Comey/FBI thing concerns me more, particularly with sensationalists circulating news of Clinton Foundation indictments this morning. Especially since we’ve already got GOPers threatening to obstruct Clinton and try to impeach her immediately.

Meanwhile, there’s more news on Trump taxes and finances. The New York Times dug into those disclosure forms Trump’s so fond of, the one he claims tells you more than actual tax forms would. Turns out, not so much.

And finally, this race is too damn tight to make me comfortable. Let’s all stare at the FiveThirtyEight forecast for a moment, until we feel a little calmer. 65% is still bigger than 35%, right?

FiveThirtyEight Election Forecast, 11/3/16 - Who will win the presidency?

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Today’s Reading List

The Conversation: Why do so many women oppose feminism? A psychologist explains
Well, “explains.” There’s not a lot of depth here, and I think the article misses pointing out the vitriol women can face, particularly online, when identifying themselves as a feminist. Also, online feminists have been quite thoroughly tarred with the “evil bitch” brush, so if you say you’re a feminist, you’re often lumped into that category, too.

There’s guilt by association, too – online feminism is often conflated with the so-called “tumblrinas” or “SJWs,” evil, crazy people who identify sexually as planets and animals and think all men, particularly white men, should die. Of course, the “tumblrina” or “SJW” doesn’t actually exist (at least, not in any real number), but that doesn’t stop folks from using the bogeyman to scare women away from calling themselves feminists.

It’s gotten so, online, “feminist” means “crazy woman who hates men,” and who wants to call themselves that? And even if you already know that’s BS, who wants to deal with the backlash from the “men’s rights” bunch? No wonder some women are eschewing the term.

The Atlantic: When National Turmoil Becomes Personal Anxiety
I think my biggest source of anxiety comes from what happens after November 8th. If Trump wins, I mean, obviously, things will be bad. The economy will tank again, and god knows what else that guy might get up to. If Trump loses, I shudder to think what his supporters will do. And even after that, with a President Hillary Clinton, we’re staring down the four-year-long barrel of vehement sexism. Dealing with woman-hating assholes is bad enough now. Can you imagine once there’s a woman president for everyone to be mad at? And that’s not to mention the incessant hate parade the GOP is going to rain down on her – and America.

Vox: Print newspapers are dying faster than you think
Newspapers desperately need a new business model, and paywalls aren’t going to cut the mustard for everyone. My local paper has a paywall, but I never hit it. They just don’t have that many articles I need to read. Plus, in order to read their site, I have to have an adblocker, otherwise there are hordes of intrusive ads, quizzes and ads that block the article, and more. That’s not a sustainable model, guys. I’d like to see a Netflix-style subscription service for newspapers.

ScreenRant: DC TV Shows Make Company Over A Billion Dollars Per Year
Holy crap. I mean, I knew the shows were popular, but I had no idea they were this popular.

Snopes: Attorney Representing Woman Suing Trump on Rape Charges Speaks Out & Woman Suing Trump on Rape Charges a No-Show at Press Conference
I don’t know about this story. I mean, knowing what we do about Trump and his attitudes towards women, this story doesn’t necessarily seem far-fetched. And by now we ought to realize that rape victims don’t react the way popular culture seems to think they should. Immediate accusations, seeking justice the way people might for other, lesser accusations, public accusations – these are the kinds of things we expect to see, but rape victims often don’t react this way. Many of them want to just forget it happened, bury it and move on. Despite all that, I don’t know. Something about this story just feels… offish. Maybe it’s just all the drama tripping a false positive on my BS detector.

The Atlantic: A Diary of Toxic Love
This story gave me the creeps. I lived with one of these assholes for five years, and this article hits a little too close to home. “I would never have wished for violence,” the victim said, “but it would have been easier to recognize if he had hit me.” I’ve said that… I don’t even know how many times, less the “never wished for violence” part. Yeah, I wish my first ex had just beat me up. Then I would have realized what an abusive asshole he actually was, because they tell you about woman-beating POSes. They don’t warn you about all the other dirty tricks someone can do to you. Or at least, you know, they didn’t 20 years ago. I hope they do now.

WordFence: Surviving Electmageddon: Protecting against a wave of DNS outages
There’s some great information in here about the massive DDoS attack that took down large swaths of the Internet a couple of weeks ago, plus some advice on how to mitigate further attacks.

Daily Cute

Okay, that’s all the news I can handle for today. Go stare at this little piggy who loves scritches until you feel better.

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