Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 8:12pm

FBI director James Comey fired – smells like panic to me, folks.

Post Apocalyptic Trumpland

Today Trump fired FBI director James Comey, a move that stunned, well, everyone.

Comey’s the guy who was running the investigation into ties between and possible collusion with Russia and the Trump campaign. I feel like you should know that already, but in case you just woke up from a twenty-year coma and (for some reason) my blog is the very first thing you’re reading, that’s who James Comey is.

I wandered over to check in on Twitter this afternoon and that news was the first thing that greeted me. I was like, “Holy shit, no way.” I mean… Trump must know how bad that looks, right? He must at least have hired some people who know how bad that looks. I know how bad that looks and I’m just some nobody semi-PR hack who tweets too much. Surely professional PR people working at the White House know this is bad.


And then we find out that grand jury subpoenas are making the rounds. Friends of Michael Flynn are getting subpoenaed for financial information, which probably means that the FBI was building a FARA and a RICO case against Flynn. (And probably other Trump-adjacent folks, too.) Which means it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets up on the stand with an immunity deal and screws Trump to the wall to get themselves out of trouble.

So Trump panics and does something stupid, or Trump’s just stupid and thinks this move will get him out of trouble somehow. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. What it definitely does do is put Congressional Republicans in a bad spot. Do they keep carrying water and sandbagging for Trump, or do they bust out the special prosecutor and wash their hands of the mess before it drags them down too?

I feel like anyone with two spare brain cells to rub together has to be planning to abandon the Trump ship at this point. There is no way a Republican protecting Trump gets out of this mess with a career intact. This worm will turn, folks. Of course, I also feel like Republicans with two spare brain cells to rub together may be thin on the ground in Congress, so who knows?

If they don’t break out the special prosecutor, then the GOP is either too stupid to be allowed to keep their jobs, or this Trump-Russia mess is so foul and far-ranging that the GOP is scared to investigate for fear of what will come out.

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