Monday, August 29, 2016, 8:16pm

Gene Wilder died today & 2016 now sucks quantifiably more than it did yesterday.

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

Guys? Gene Wilder died. Shit. Dammit. I liked Gene Wilder. Man, screw 2016. With something sharp.

I’m gonna watch Blazing Saddles tonight. Possibly also Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Stuff You Should Read Today

CodeSwitch: All Mixed Up: What Do We Call People Of Multiple Backgrounds?
CodeSwitch is one of my favorite NPR blogs – they cover some pretty neat topics. This particular post talks – obviously, re: the title – about what we should call people from multiple ethnicities. It goes over some of the old words we used that are now slurs, but mostly discusses calling people “mixed race.” The author always viewed calling people “mixed” as an insult, but discovered that a lot of people didn’t agree with her.

GQ: Why Angry White Men Love Calling People “Cucks”
“Cuck” is a word I started seeing, oh, about two years ago? Right around the same time GamerGate was happening.

It’s short for “cuckold” which is what you call a husband whose wife is stepping out on him (I think the implication is that the husband knows but is unable to stop the wife). It’s also a genre of porn.

“Cuckold” was adopted and shortened to “cuck” by the alt-right yahoos that infest the Internet and now it’s like their favorite insult to hurl at other men on the Internet. It’s a great tell for the kind of person you’re dealing with, by the way. If someone seriously calls you a cuck, you know immediately that you’re dealing with a racist little manbaby and you can block them and move on without wasting any more thought on the subject.

Anyway, GQ has a great article explaining the word, the etymology, the derivatives, and the kind of people who use it.

SCOTUSBlog: Challengers respond to North Carolina’s emergency voting rights request
North Carolina really, really wants to stop black people from voting this year.

Birth. Movies. Death.: No Pressure, But I Need STAR TREK: DISCOVERY To Save The World
BMD writer Devin Faraci needs Gene Roddenberry to return from the dead and teach us all how to be decent people again, but all he’s got is Brian Fuller’s upcoming Star Trek movie, so I think he’s going to have a bad time.

Sara Schaefer: Today’s Vagenda
This was apparently making the rounds on Facebook last week, but I missed it. Jim’s sister Kaci sent it to me and you need to stop what you’re doing and go read it right now.

Vox: Parents have been spanking children for millennia. 50 years of scientific evidence says they were wrong.
FYI, spanking doesn’t accomplish anything. Yeah, I know, I grew up thinking it helped, too. It does not. We did science at it and now we know. Stop spanking your kids. Also, while we’re on the topic, stop hitting your dog. That also doesn’t work.
Slate: Can smiling make you happier? Maybe. Maybe not. We have no idea.
Y’know, since we’re debunking things with science. Actually, this is more about how hard it is to replicate and verify results in sociological and psychological studies than debunking one particular study.

Collider: ‘Justice League Dark’ Moving Forward with Doug Liman Directing
This one’s about the live-action Justice League Dark movie we’re supposed to be getting from DC. I don’t believe for a hot second that this movie is actually going to happen, and if it does, it probably won’t have Matt Ryan, so it’s going in with points against it.

Daily Cute: This puppy is hungry.
Seriously, someone fill that puppy’s bowl right now.

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