Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 8:00am

I appear to have survived the Great Halloween Plague of 2016.

There’s a few things tearing up the news today, including word of Sherlock‘s season four debut and a new study proving the the AIDS “Patient Zero” guy is not actually at fault for bringing AIDS to America. I’m pretty sure science already knew that, but just in case, now they extra know it.

Check out the video above, where John Green explains why “rigging the election” is bullshit. In the same vein, you can read Snopes debunking a video claiming to show Democrats rigging votes (spoiler: those are not democrats), then go find out that Trump is, indeed, on the Oregon ballot.

Over on Vox you can read the piece on Trump being a “libel bully” that the ABA refused to print, and check out the “9 types of lies Donald Trump tells.”

Speaking of Trump, he campaigned today by opening a new hotel. That seems presidential.

ProPublica is talking about Agent Orange today: Eight Times Agent Orange’s Biggest Defender Has Been Wrong or Misleading, After Cancer Diagnosis, Vet Refutes Government’s Agent Orange Expert — And Wins, and Dr. Orange: The Secret Nemesis of Sick Vets.

To wrap up, it turns out that “Blacks for Trump” guy is a former cult leader, it’s Evil Week at Lifehacker (always a hoot), and MyFitnessPal has a nifty-looking fitness plan I might try out.

And now for the nerdier stuff…

Okay, that’s all I have. Go watch this puppy who wuvs his toys.

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