Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 8:07pm

Hey, we had a good day today! Sort of! (Trumpster Fire)

Hey, we had a good day today! Sort of! (Trumpster Fire)

I had a busy day today, so I barely got to do more than glance at the headlines as they flew by on Twitter. Seemed like it was a sort of slowish day, anyway. We did get a couple of bits of good news, though.

Reuters is reporting that a Russian think tank controlled by Putin developed the plan to futz with the 2016 elections. Some of our intel guys got their hot little hands on confidential documents from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. The documents apparently outline the plan. That’s big news, guys.

So Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he’s not seeking re-election. Chaffetz is the Republican from Utah who runs the House Oversight Committee – he’s been covering Trump’s ass for a lot of ethics-related chaf. The Republicans still run the House, so it’ll be another Republican running the Oversight Committee when Chaffetz wanders off into his sunset, though. Our luck it’ll be Trey Gowdy.

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly got canned over at Fox News. I had a little desk-side dance party over that news. He’s being replaced by Tucker Carlson, who is a massive, massive douchecanoe, and also a huge favorite of the alt-right and other nazis.

Senator Frank Artiles called a couple of fellow senators the N-word Monday night while at a DC bar/club/whatever. He called ’em a bunch of other names, too. Artiles is claiming he said “niggas,” though, which I’m pretty sure white people still aren’t allowed to say, and anyways, after calling people “bitch” and “fucking asshole” you can’t turn around and claim you didn’t also drop the N-bomb. No one’s gonna buy that, dude.

You remember all those US attorneys Trump fired? He still hasn’t replaced them. Also, Emirates is cutting flights to America because Trump’s new travel policies suck, and since summer’s coming on, Trump’s gonna switch to golfing every weekend in New Jersey. Bedminster, New Jersey, has no idea how they’re gonna pay for all that hot mess, by the way.

Pence trash-talked Korea some more and Exxon wants exemptions to all those sanctions we slapped on Russia. Obviously they shouldn’t be awarded any, but I’ll betcha five bucks they get ’em.

Also, the Trump administration wants to take another crack at an Obamacare repeal before their first 100 days are up, probably because Trump thinks it’s sweeps week, not the presidency.

Okay, folks, that’s all I’ve got for today. My allergies are whuppin’ my butt so I took a benadryl a couple of hours ago and now I’m zoning out. I’m off to stare at YouTube for a few hours. Enjoy these two best buds chilling on the couch together.

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