Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 2:54am

Just time for a quick thing about journalism.

Here’s the thing about paying for journalism: I read from easily 20 different old school “newspapers” online. I can’t afford to pay for that on any kind of individual basis.

I use an adblocker. And no, I’m not going to turn it off for your site so shady ad companies can serve me piles of malware (*coughForbescough*).

So… how are we supposed to pay for journalism?

Well, I can afford to subscribe to Netflix. Or Comixology. Or Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I have a Steam account, where I can browse and buy video games, often for quite cheap.

Why doesn’t something like that exist for newspaper subscriptions? Why can’t I pay $10 a month and read a bunch of different papers? Run it like an a la carte cable service. Ten bucks a month and I can subscribe to 10 different papers or something. For twenty bucks, I can subscribe to more papers.

If such a thing exists, I can’t find it. And it should exist. Get on this, people. Get me a Netflix for newspapers.

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