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Lucifer: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire (S2, Ep. 02)

Lucifer blends humor, real emotion and a goofy premise expertly. I’m not sure why this catches my attention so, except I guess you don’t see it done this well very often. It’s one of the things I like in my CW shows, too. It requires good writing, but also great acting, because you have to sell something inherently silly. Lucifer‘s actors just keep doing that.

This week’s episode treats us to a quick flashback to Lucifer’s mom finding a body to wear around, which was a hoot. The one she settles in turns out to also be the case of the week, so that was handy.

The implication here is that Lucifer’s mom is using a body like a car, and our other players – Maze, Amenadiel and Lucifer – are not. They’re all using something sturdier. Lucifer’s mom can “only heal once,” or something to that effect, and she doesn’t seem to have any special powers or strength or anything.

So, clearly we can’t trust Lucifer’s mom, Charlotte, Mama Morningstar, or whatever we’ll be calling her this season. For starters, she’s being played by Tricia Helfer, whom you know as that one creepy Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, and Helfer excells at playing sincere-but-untrustworthy characters. We also got that little smirk at the end of the episode, which I don’t know if that was meant to be a snide “ha ha, he loves me more” or a “see how easily I played that fiddle” type of thing, but either way, it can’t possibly be good.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel’s clearly having a bad damn day. His powers are on the fritz, Dr. Linda’s ripping him a new one, he’s shedding feathers, and at the end of the episode, we get a look at his wings, which are rotting right off his back. (“Oh, poor thing,” Jim said. “He’s got mange!”) After the episode I checked around online to see what folks had to say, and spotted lots of people talking about how Amenadiel might be turning human or mortal and all this. Just FYI, I’m pretty sure this is actually what a fall looks like.

I mean, I could be wrong. This show has not been great at clarifying its mythology. But the wings, plus his “I have a lot to atone for” line to Dr. Linda, plus a wealth of knowledge of the general mythology of this sort of genre, plus I played In Nomine once, leads me to think this is more likely a fall in progress.

This week’s episode played a lot with trust issues and the idea of being a good parent. The subplot with Chloe, Dan, Trixie and the doll was a cute illustration of “good parenting,” and it lead up to a nice moment with Chloe having to explain to Lucifer that good parents don’t always do things to make their kids happy. These two work so well together as friends, I kind of hope the show doesn’t try to toss in a love plot.

It does point out that Chloe’s been sidelined a bit these first two episodes. I hope that gets rectified soon. The Palmetto plot took up a lot of screen time last year, and it wasn’t a great plot. I was still a little unclear on what exactly had been going on there by the end of it. But it did get Chloe a lot of screen time, and I’d like to see her having her own thing to do this season, too.

Line of the Night Award

Lucifer: How far can a celestial being trapped in a human body for the first time get?
Maze: Well, she’s stupid hot, wearing my clothes, and she’s got a corporate credit card.
Lucifer: Bollocks.

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