Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 8:00am

Here’s a bright spot in your day: Hundreds of scientists & science fans just saved a crapton of govt data.

Look, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Today’s probably going to be just the biggest mess, news-wise. Brace yourselves.

But, there’s a bright spot! Scientists around the country have been clocking hella overtime to save NASA’s earth science data – and other climate data – before the Trump administration can make it all disappear, and they have succeeded!

Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA’s Earth Science Data
“On Saturday morning, the white stone buildings on UC Berkeley’s campus radiated with unfiltered sunshine. The sky was blue, the campanile was chiming. But instead of enjoying the beautiful day, 200 adults had willingly sardined themselves into a fluorescent-lit room in the bowels of Doe Library to rescue federal climate data.”

Groups around the country assisted, plus built all kinds of applications to track data changes on government websites and keep track of stuff that was already “disappeared” by the Trump administration, because yes, they totally were already doing that.

It’s actions like these that give me hope. In the face of the horror show that is the Trump administration and the GOP in Congress, Americans are pulling together to fight back, rescue the tools we’ll need to recover from this administration, and stop them in their tracks. Journalists are digging in and breaking news daily, making it harder and harder for the GOP to remain silent against Trump.

Days like yesterday, when the news cycle is wall-to-wall drama and fuckery, can make you feel hopeless. It can drown you in garbage until you think that there can’t possibly be any way forward. That is not true. We’re fighting back, and we’re winning some of these fights.

Dawn is coming, people. Stay tough. Stay mad. Resist.

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