"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." - Ray Bradbury

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 3-23-17

The Trumpster Fire (3-23-17)

Hold onto your butts, folks, today’s supposed to be the big Republicare vote and things are getting weird and ugly with that bill.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 3-21-17

The Trumpster Fire (3-21-17)

There’s a lot of excitement around FBI Director James Comey’s confirmation of an investigation into the Trump-Russia ties yesterday.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 3-20-17

The Trumpster Fire (3-20-17)

Today is almost certainly going to be all the James Comey hearings on the Trump-Russia ties, with a smattering of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 3-17-17

The Trumpster Fire (3-17-17)

We’re currently living in a country that wants to starve children and the elderly, kick the poor and elderly off their health insurance, has enabled thugs to hunt down undocumented immigrants to deport them, and is picking fights with anyone who looks at them funny.