Today: Same-sex marriage, an Ebola update, ‘Scorpion’ on CBS and more.

It’s October, and the leaves are changing color. Everyone’s got pumpkin displays and Halloween candy out. The kiddies are back in school, and in theory, it should start cooling off any time now. Finally. It’s Fall.


Ebola in the US

It was announced yesterday that the first case of Ebola (that we didn’t bring here on purpose to treat) showed up in the US. The patient is a guy who traveled from Liberia to the US to visit and stay with family.


Google Plus and YouTube

But it leaves me wondering what the heck Google Plus is supposed to be for these days. About all I used G+ for was organizing YouTube, and with Collections, I don’t need G+ for that anymore. So… what does one do with Google+?


Johannes Cabal, Wonder Woman & other cool stuff.

Wherein I discuss the fact that I’m not going to get any sleep tonight and it’s all Phil Coulson’s fault.


Massive Protests in Hong Kong, DC continues to suck at marketing ladies, & more.

The feature photo (above) shows the massive protests in Hong Kong right now. The protests started peacefully on Friday, but things got heated when the Hong Kong police rolled in with tear gas and lots of guns.