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The Trumpster Fire: Daily Gallup, 2-23-17

The Trumpster Fire (2-23-17)

CPAC, the big conservative conference, opened today, so I expect most of the news will center around stuff being said there.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 2-22-17

The Trumpster Fire (2-22-17)

It’s looking like today’s big story might be Scott Pruitt’s emails. Pruitt is Trump’s recently-confirmed pick for head of the EPA and some 6,000 of his emails just became public property.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 2-20-17

The Trumpster Fire (2-20-17)

It’s been a busy-ish weekend, news-wise, but also, unfortunately, a rumor-filled weekend. It’s currently 12:30pm (PST) on Monday, and I’ve got a thing or two to get you started. Check back in a little bit for more – I need an hour or two to slap some order on the rumor mill chaos.

Jazz, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

A Jazz Update

Poor Jazz is so tired. She’s had a very stressful day. It started out great, being a Saturday and all, but then there was a vet visit, and that’s always an epic Greek tragedy, as far as she’s concerned.