Saturday, July 8, 2017, 5:57pm

Quickie review of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (No spoilers)

First, a couple of minor quibbles.

1. On multiple occasions Spidey’s grip slips off things. Spidey does not lose his grip. Buildings and pavement will buckle before Spidey loses his grip.

2. On multiple occasions Spidey gets hit when his Spidey Sense should have saved him from the hit. (Spidey Sense was never actually mentioned or indicated at all in the movie.) Probably people are going to be saying, “Well, he’s just starting out, he doesn’t know to listen to it and/or isn’t skilled enough to get out of the way,” etc, except that’s not how Spidey Sense works. Spidey Sense is an automatic instinct. It works whether Spider-Man knows it works or not. Something’s coming at him and he just moves. In fact, smart comic book villains have taken advantage of that to herd Spider-Man into an attack he can’t jump out of before.

Next, ignore the quibbles – this movie was a blast. It was funny and entertaining and a generally great time. Here are a few things I loved, along with a couple of worries about the movie that people mentioned that they don’t need to be worried about.

1. People were worried about Tony Stark being in the movie: don’t be. He’s barely in it.

2. Michael Keaton needs to be back as the Vulture. He did a fantastic job, and he didn’t get nearly enough screentime to spend being creepy and menacing. We need a rematch.

3. Tom Holland made an excellent Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He was funny and smart-mouthed and generally perfect.

4. Don Glover’s cameo was hilarious. It also sets up stuff for the future, maybe.

5. One of the best scenes in the movie involves Spidey running across a field. Keep an eye out for it.

6. Okay, here’s one tiny and completely inconsequential spoiler: They used the actual original Spider-Man TV show theme music during the opening credits and it is amazing.

Great movie, guys. Apparently it’s going to be part of a trilogy of movies, and I can’t wait for the other two.

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