Monday, June 26, 2017, 6:22pm

Senate Trumpcare’s CBO score is in, folks.

Well, I hope you weren’t expecting good news. Here’s the bullet points:

  • 22 fewer million Americans would have health insurance in 2026, compared with Obamacare
  • In 2018 15 million fewer would have healthcare than with Obamacare
  • Senate Trumpcare would cut Medicaid $772 billion over 10 years
  • Under Obamacare there are currently 26 million uninsured. It’d be 49 million uninsured by 2026 with Trumpcare.
  • Trumpcare would reduce the federal deficit by $321 billion over 10 years (mostly by cutting Medicaid)
  • Average premiums about 20% lower under Trumpcare compared to Obamacare, in 2026, because financial assistance is attached to plans with higher out-of-pocket costs, meaning your premiums would be lower but you’d actually end up spending more on healthcare
  • In states that take the Essential Health Benefits waivers covered services could narrow and lifetime or annual spending caps could return, driving out-of-pocket costs up further
  • 15 million fewer people enrolled in Medicaid by 2026 (due to drastic cuts)
  • ETA: CBO estimated 4 million people will lose their employer-provided insurance next year under Trumpcare.

Oh, and

So Trumpcare savages the poor, the working poor, and those among us who need the most help, and provides a great big paycheck to those who need it the least.

If you support this, you’re a monster, my friend.

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