Monday, November 28, 2016, 8:59pm

Invasion: Heroes vs. Aliens | Supergirl: Medusa

“As Eliza comes to National City for Thanksgiving, Kara turns to Lena for help when Cadmus unleashes a virus that instantly kills aliens, then is asked by Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon for help with an alien invasion on their Earth.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • This episode had a lot of titles.
  • Jimmy and Winn planning on telling Kara their big secret, and Alex’s “Oh, HELL no you guys aren’t butting into my coming out story at Thanksgiving with my family with your juvenile vigilante shenanigans.”
  • Kara taking Alex’s booze away and stashing it in the fridge.
  • Alex sneaking into the booze anyway.
  • National City is attacked with a virus created by Kryptonians to kill all other aliens. The virus doesn’t affect humans.
  • Okay, obviously Cadmus engineered an exception for humans into the virus, but no one in the episode said that. Ever. At any point. That’s lazy writing, guys.
  • The “J’onn turning into a White Martian” thing is just not working for me, particularly when we have the much better storyline of J’onn learning to accept and forgive M’gann right there.
  • This episode’s resolution was so bad I literally laughed out loud and threw my hands in the air. “Look! I used magic science and cured both Mon-El and J’onn! Abracadabra!” Jesus.
  • I’m pissed that Lena got no credit for her double-cross on Mama Luthor. That was fantastic, and Lena didn’t get so much as a high five for that. #TeamLena
  • Apparently there are creepy aliens hunting for Mon-El. This five seconds was brought to you by the People Who Set Up Crap for the Back Half of the Season.
  • Oh gawd please do not make me sit through a dozen episodes of Mon-El and Kara lying at each other about their FEELS. Just bang it out like every other grownup in the universe.
  • Barry and Cisco! I’m disappointed that they only got about five seconds, but I kind of thought it might go that way. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to start the crossover on Supergirl when all the action happens in Arrowverse.
  • This crossover needs more crossover.
  • While this was an overall fun episode, it suffered badly from trying to do too much in its 40 minutes.

Line of the Night Award
“You said to bring stuffing, so I tore open my mattress and brought some.” – Mon-El.

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