Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 4:36pm

A few quick thoughts about Supergirl’s Miss Martian.

So, I have to say, I didn’t much care for Supergirl‘s version of Miss Martian.

I wasn’t in love with the portrayal of White Martians and Green Martians. White Martians are presented as universally bad, except for M’gann, and there’s no explanation given for why M’gann is different. It got to be pretty distracting for me by the end of M’gann’s run. Every time White Martians were mentioned I was all like “BUT WHY.”

There’s no such thing as “universally bad,” and by presenting White Martians in that way, they were made into these cardboard cutout bad guys. They had no flavor or motivation. It took a lot away from M’gann to be presented as the “only good White Martian,” too. It was her only defining characteristic, which made her character flat and unengaging.

Almost the only thing we heard from M’gann was about how awful White Martians are, and then when we see her, it’s (almost) always as a Green Martian. It made her seem extremely self-hating, which is fine as a character flaw, but it was never addressed and dealt with. By the end of her plot arc in last night’s episode, M’gann’s self-loathing was a little uncomfortable to watch, particularly in combination with the way it was presented.

M’gann is a good guy, you can tell because she looks like a Green Martian. She’s standing there next to J’onn, posed all heroically in her Green Martian form. The others are bad guys, obviously, because they’re monstrous-looking White Martians. It just ended up with this really, I don’t know, sort of racist, self-loathing, almost Uncle-Tomish sort of undertone that left a bad taste in my mouth.

It would have all been easy enough to correct, too. A simple introduction of factions of White Martians with different goals, M’gann being a member of a faction that didn’t believe in being conquering slavers, would have solved a lot. Having someone in the gang address M’gann’s attitude toward herself could have made a great episode with a body-positivity theme.

Miss Martian ended up being rushed, flat, and not particularly well thought out. I’m sure she’ll back, though, so I really hope they fix some of that mess next time around.

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