Cloud Computing

Living in the Cloud

My laptop has been threatening to take a dump on me, so I’ve been backing up all my files. Since I also have Google’s Chrome OS netbook, I decided to back everything up to the cloud this time, instead of putting it all on disk. This marks my first entry into real, actual cloud computing. We’ll see how this little experiment goes, eh?


Chrome OS II: The Reckoning

Well, okay, not really, but it does make for a nice, dramatic title, doesn’t it? I think the biggest failing I’ve noticed in Chrome OS is the clunky way it runs Flash-based apps. Pandora crashes pretty regularly, and I’ve had a few crashes with Grooveshark, too. Flash-based photo editing sites…


Merry Christmas from Google: Chrome OS Netbook

Holy crap, y’all, guess who just got a spiffy new netbook from Google, for free, with Chrome OS? I signed up for the beta testing program two or three weeks ago, and today, with no fanfare or alerts whatsoever, a shiny new CR-48 turned up in the mail. James said,…