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Electmageddon 2016

I think we all know where my attention will be all day. You can watch me on Twitter.

Vote - Election 2016

The election is five days away, people.

A lot of today’s big news revolves around James Comey, the FBI, the distinct anti-Clinton streak running through the FBI, and another big Podesta email dump.

2016 Debates: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump #2

This weekend was the most bizarre & screwed up mess of politics I’ve ever seen.

I’m old enough that I was around when Bill Clinton was getting dragged through the news every night for endless months over his sexcapades. I remember a 50-year-old man trying to convince the nation that BJs didn’t count as sex. I remember all of us, Republicans and Democrats alike, mutually agreeing that, yes, indeed, this was absolutely the worst it was ever going to get, the cheapest, the tawdriest, the most embarrassing. Everything would be better from here out, because there was nowhere to go but up.