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Jerry Sandusky Taken Into Custody

This just gets worse and worse. The update about the wife allegedly not responding to kids' cries for help? Jesus. Who does that? What sick bastard could possibly do that?! From +Breaking News: "Sandusky taken into police custody after two

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    Marci Sischo | Apr 16, 10:53 AM
    That's not irony. That's a broken tank.

    Bo | Apr 16, 9:16 AM
    Does the realization that you are poisoning yourself with your...

    Marci Sischo | Apr 01, 2:16 PM
    Hi! I actually have the little "use your own grounds"...

    old gunner | Mar 31, 10:51 PM
    You might take the time to review the instructions to...

    Marci Sischo (@MarciSischo) | Mar 17, 10:10 AM
    That's a valid point - everything's easier looking back on...

    Kaci | Mar 13, 7:15 AM
    I hear you dog, but you're speaking as a self-actualized...

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