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Putting the Trumpster Fire out.

Okay, so, here’s the deal. Putting the Trumpster Fire together is a 3-hour a day job, minimum, and lately it’s been more like 4 or 5 hours. Straight up, I can’t keep up with it.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 4-18-17

The Trumpster Fire (4-18-17)

The Georgia 6th election, North Korea, and Turkey’s recent referendum seem to be the stories of the day so far, but we’ve also got a thing about the Blackwater founder and a few other bits and bobs going on today.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 4-17-17

The Trumpster Fire (4-17-17)

All of this weekend’s big news was about North Korea and Trump’s complete lack of any idea what to do about them other than to threaten them and have China deal with them.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 4-14-17

The Trumpster Fire (4-14-17)

Probably you should brace yourselves. If things go badly in the next little bit, we could be at war with North Korea this weekend.

The Trumpster Fire: Gallup Daily, 4-12-17

The Trumpster Fire (4-12-17)

Okay, here we go, kids. We’ve got tense meetings with angry Russians, Obamacare back on the chopping block so Trump can get his tax cuts, Trump/Russia news and more happening today.