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Aggie - 10 Weeks Old

Little Miss Aggie is 10 Weeks Old Today!

Housebreaking proceeds as expected. Aggie understands that on a regular basis we take her outside to do her business, but she’s not really sure she wants to do that all the time, as, in case we hadn’t noticed, she is very small and it’s extremely cold outside.

Aggie At Work

Aggie at Work

My office is dog friendly, so since Jim and I were both working all day, Aggie came to work with me.


Aggie’s 9 weeks old today! 🎂

Aggie came to work with me for a couple of hours this morning and found the entire experience exhausting and disorienting (I feel you, little dog).

Aggie Sleeping

Aggie, sleeping

I had forgotten how much work puppies are, guys. Good work. Fun work. But still work. This lil’ gal is wearing me out.