Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 8:00am

5 Things to Read Today (12/20/17)

Welp, the GOP rammed through their awful tax plan last night. Politifact has a pretty decent breakdown of the financial aspect of the tax bill, along with a look at what’s all in the bill. The Atlantic, Mother Jones and the Washington Post also have quick rundowns.

There was also a lot of extraneous crap in the tax bill – stuff like allowing ANWAR oil drilling, language that forms the basis of setting the beginning of life at conception, garbage like that, but I’m not sure yet how much of that actually made it into the final bill. I’m hunting around for sources on that, so with any luck, I’ll have that for tomorrow or later on today.

Daily Reading List

Buzzfeed News: The Man Who Made The Republican Internet — And Then Sold It To Far-Right Nationalists Overseas
“Vincent Harris was once hailed as the top Republican digital strategist in America, combining traditional conservative politics with online and social advertising. In 2017, he’s the go-to American consultant for far-right European nationalists like Marine Le Pen and Germany’s AfD party. What happened?”

Wired: The Great Tech Panic: The Internet Is the Uncanniest Valley
“Living in the flicker of that error—interacting with a bot as if its sentiments were sentiments—is to take up residence in the so-called uncanny valley, home to that repulsion we feel from robots that look a lot, but not exactly, like us, a phenomenon identified nearly 50 years ago by robotics professor Masahiro Mori.”

Vox: Obamacare will survive
“Health care lobbyists are flatly dismissing the idea that Congress could actually revisit Obamacare repeal next year. Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) remain opposed to taking up repeal efforts. The party’s long-sought talking point of repealing Obamacare root and branch is probably actually, finally dead.”

Mother Jones: Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America: A Fundamental Crisis
“What the United States faces this holiday season is an unparalleled, widespread, Trump-inspired assault on the principles, norms, and purpose of democratic governance.”

Politico: As Russia probes progress, one name is missing: Bannon’s
“As special Russia counsel Robert Mueller wraps up interviews with senior current and former White House staff, one name has been conspicuously absent from public chatter surrounding the probe: Steve Bannon.”

Daily Cute: This kitty objects to the new carpet.

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