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5TtRT: Trump, Russia, DACA & More

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Things are pretty apocalyptic in the Willamette Valley right now. The entire valley is blown full of smoke, like a heavy fog, and the light is tornado yellow. I hear it’s raining ash up in the north end of the valley, and here the cars (and everything else) are covered in a fine layer of soot. It’s pretty gross, folks.

Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge, one of the very first places I visited in Oregon and one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen, is on fire. Something like 10,000 acres on fire, thanks to kids playing with fireworks, I believe.

Since we’ll all be hiding indoors for at least the next few days, here’s a few things to read.

5 Things to Read Today

Mother Jones: I Spent 5 Years With Some of Trump’s Biggest Fans. Here’s What They Won’t Tell You.
“In this feint, Trump solves a white male problem of pride. Benefits? If you need them, okay. He masculinizes it. You can be “high energy” macho—and yet may need to apply for a government benefit. […] But in another stroke, Trump adds a key proviso: restrict government help to real Americans. White men are counted in, but undocumented Mexicans and Muslims and Syrian refugees are out.”

Bloomberg: Russia Probes Likely Extended by New Reports, Two Democrats Say
“Congressional investigations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election likely will be extended — perhaps into next year — because of revelations during Congress’ August recess about Trump associates’ contacts and meetings, Democrats on the Senate and House intelligence committees said Tuesday.”

Ars Technica: Finding North America’s lost medieval city
“A thousand years ago, huge pyramids and earthen mounds stood where East St. Louis sprawls today in Southern Illinois. This majestic urban architecture towered over the swampy Mississippi River floodplains, blotting out the region’s tiny villages.”

Facebook: Barack Obama’s statement supporting DACA
“But today, that shadow has been cast over some of our best and brightest young people once again. To target these young people is wrong – because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating – because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military, and otherwise contribute to the country we love. And it is cruel. What if our kid’s science teacher, or our friendly neighbor turns out to be a Dreamer? Where are we supposed to send her? To a country she doesn’t know or remember, with a language she may not even speak?”

Vox: 4 lies Jeff Sessions told to justify ending DACA
“On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced the Trump administration will rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields nearly 800,000 young, unauthorized immigrants from deportation. Explaining why the Trump administration is ending the program, Sessions made several dubious claims about DACA, including how it has impacted immigration and the American economy.”

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