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Agents of SHIELD: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire (S4, Ep. 3 | Spoilers)

“As Ghost Rider’s quest for vengeance brings him into an explosive confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and Mack must rely on an unlikely ally in their time of desperate need; and Daisy reunites with a familiar face to stop the Watchdogs.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • Daisy isn’t using her arm gauntlets because they’re “not exactly incognito,” apparently. See, this whole time I thought she didn’t have them. But no, she’s just stupid. The arm gauntlets would fit under a jacket just fine from what I remember of them, so “incognito” is BS. God Daisy is stupid this season. Can we fix that already, please?
  • Lola vs. the Hell Car! Holy crap that was awesome – they could do that every other show for the rest of the season. I’m pretty sure I’d be okay with that. Plus, it would go some distance for making up for Daisy having a case of the terminal stupids.
  • Also, Mack doing car talk in the middle of a high speed chase with the “bad guy.”
  • Even Jemma thinks Daisy’s got the dumb. The “one character presents overly complicated plan, second character smartly shortcuts it” thing is a pretty common trope, but it was still cute when Jemma was all, “Well, I’m her boss, so…”
  • The bit with Radcliff, May, Fitz and Aida was fantastic. Fitz’ little horrified gasp when May called his name? And then Fitz frantically trying to cover for Aida’s origins? And of course May knows something’s up, guys. I mean, she’s not stupid and Fitz was so obvious.
  • I liked that Coulson was all “Well, Daisy trusts this guy, so I’m going to trust this guy” with Robbie when they had him captured. It’s a nice tell on Coulson and Daisy’s relationship.
  • Hellfire working in a fireworks store. That’s glorious. “Whoever’s running the Terrible Ideas Division is crushing it,” indeed, Daisy.
  • What with Eli Morrow being in jail, and the story he told Robbie at the prison, it sure looks like we’re not getting Robbie’s usual origin story. Unless Morrow’s up to something, but so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case. it’s sure looking like we’re aiming for the more traditional Ghost Rider origin story.
  • Radcliff and Aida’s little conversation about lying has “Bad Idea” stamped all over it. Basically, he just told Aida that lying can be good and that May might try to kill her. That’s not a good plan.
  • Okay, that whole scene in the fireworks store with the Watchdogs and Ghost Rider and Hellfire and everyone was made of 100% awesome. Literally all I wanted out of this season was to see Ghost Rider take Hellfire’s blazing chain away from him. If the season ended right here, I would be perfectly content.
  • There were a lot of contenders for “Line of the Night” in this episode, but the second runner up is definitely “Two fire dudes in a fireworks warehouse?” – “You had to see that coming.”
  • I love that Jemma was immediately reasonable about the whole “keeping Aida secret” situation. Fitz had a good reason, and Jemma accepted it was a good reason like a grown-ass adult. I love that AoS does this, particularly since so many other shows don’t. *coughArrowcough*
  • Coulson finally confronting Daisy was perfect. The writers nailed the “Dad disappointed in his daughter but still loves her” vibe. And now, maybe, finally, we can get past Daisy’s toxic stupidity.

Line of the Night Award

“Fitz, she’s an android. You do know she’s an android, right?” – Jemma Simmons.

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