Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 10:24pm

Agents of SHIELD: The Patriot (S4, Ep. 10 | Spoilers)

“Separated from their team, Coulson and Mack discover a shocking secret about Mace, leaving all of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a precarious position.” (IMDB)

This episode we finally got to find out what’s up with Director Mace. We all knew there was something hinky about that guy, but just about the time I’d be ready to write him off as a villain, he’d go and do something trustworthy or heroic and I’d have to recalibrate. I assumed the reveal would be that he was living some sort of lie, but I was genuinely surprised that they went the super soldier route with him, lying about his Inhuman status for the publicity.

Also, they’re using an improved version of the Hyde formula to give him powers. I’m sure that won’t come back to bite anyone in the ass at all. (And if it doesn’t, I’m going to be a bit disappointed.)

The FitzSimmons plot is beginning to wear a bit. I could excuse Fitz hiding Aida the first time around because he had reasoning that made sense. Now he’s walking on thin ice. Also, I’m a little annoyed with Simmons not being more supportive of Fitz’ hunch that there was something more going on with Aida. It’s not like Fitz has a habit of being wrong or something, and his hunches pay off often enough that I feel like Simmons could indulge him even if someone did die. It makes her seem dismissive.

I’m curious to see what happens next with LMD May, particularly now that she knows – or suspects – she’s an LMD. Jim and I were curious as to how much of May’s memories she has, and I’m curious as to how hampered she might be by Radcliffe’s “subconscious” programming. For example, now that she’s seen the robotics in her shoulder, can she even tell anyone?

Finally, I’m thinking Dr. Radcliffe needs to dial back on the snark with Aida, or that girl is going to lose her temper and take him off at the knees. I’m calling it now: She’s going to do something nasty to him in an episode or two.

Line of the Night Award
There was a lot of competition tonight, but the winner has to go to Coulson’s deeply exasperated “I don’t know!” to Mack when he asked what Mace thought he was doing.

My live tweets are archived here, if you want to check them out for some reason (there are some fun .gifs in there). Next week’s episode is “Wake Up.”

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