Thursday, December 7, 2017, 5:44pm

Aggie at Work

Aggie At Work

I had forgotten how much work puppies are, guys. Aggie’s wearing me out. 😆

My office is dog friendly, so since Jim and I were both working all day, Aggie came to work with me. I was a bit worried because obviously she’s not housebroken yet (although she’s considering the idea). Also because she’s an energetic puppy who wants to bounce off the walls and play, and I have to actually do some work at work.

It worked out pretty well, though. She napped most of the day and wrestled with her toys and said hi to everyone while she was awake. I did have to chase her out of chewing some stuff, but once that was dealt with (liberal applications of apple bitters everywhere), she behaved pretty well.

She used her potty pad once, but the rest of the time she went outdoors like a good dog.

Overall, it was a pretty successful day.

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