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5TtRT: Androids, Jeff Sessions, Project Nora, War, & Science

Androids, Jeff Sessions, Project Nora, War, & Science

This isn’t Nora. This is just some random polar bear I found on Pexels.

I’m gearing up for a busy day today, so I just have a couple of quick thoughts.

The Oregonian’s Project Nora has been a fascinating read about a lil’ zoo polar bear facing lots of problems and long odds. There’s one more part to the story, coming out tomorrow, so make sure you catch that, too. The story talks a lot about the ethics of zoos, how zoo animals are treated, all kinds of interesting stuff.

Jeff Sessions kinda-sorta-but-not-really claimed executive privilege yesterday during his hearing, which is basically admitting that some shady crap went down and that he’d like to reserve the option to lie expansively about it later.

And finally, the Wired story talks about Hiroshi Ishi­guro and his lifelike androids. The story tries to make it sound like they’re gonna talk about sex robots, but they never really do. They’re talking about something way more fascinating: how humans might forge emotional connections with robots. Also, most everyone in this article is a hot mess and needs just, like, tons of therapy. Like all of the therapy. Possibly also drugs. Apparently being completely screwed up in the head is a prerequisite for getting into android design, which goes a long way towards explaining why a bunch of our robot fiction is apocalypse fiction, really.

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