Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 8:00am

Catching up on some news – Carter Page, Sutherland Springs, the Paradise Papers & more

Carter Page

Carter Page (By MSNBC, CC BY 3.0)

In case you missed it, Carter Page, professional Trump toady, testified to the House Intelligence Committee yesterday. Also, according to his testimony, Carter Page is nuts. Or maybe extremely high? Possibly just not that bright. Hell, he could very well be all three. His testimony was crazypants, y’all.

You can read his testimony on Lawfare, and there are explainers at Vox and TPM. And probably lots of other places, too.

I’m not sure what Page’s game is, if he’s actually mentally unwell and/or dumb, or if he’s just playing that to try to get out of trouble, or what, but his testimony is a journey.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are apparently arguing about whether or not to impeach Trump and I know, I know, the answer is obviously “Yes, do that,” but maybe don’t do that right this second? Maybe wait until after 2018? I’m just saying, now is a bad time to impeach Trump. You don’t want Pence in charge, and you don’t want these so-called Republicans picking a new president, is all I’m saying. We’re waiting on the special council investigation and we want to be sure that gets finished, and if you put Pence in charge or let the GOP pick some other guy, then they might be able to finagle a way to shut down the investigation.

Meanwhile there was yet another mass shooting and hey, guess what? The problem’s getting worse no matter how you measure things. I don’t know what to tell you about this. There are things we could do to address the situation, but we clearly are not going to do them. I guess invest in Kevlar if you must go out somewhere, and otherwise stay home? I hear you can buy bullet proof vests online.

Remember the Panama Papers, that massive release of leaked documents back in 2015 that detailed financial and attorney–client information for over 200,000 offshore entities? Well the journalists who brought you that just dropped another huge pile of information from a second release of leaked documents, and these ones include some Trump insiders. Called “the Paradise Papers,” this release details a whole lot about the tax shelters rich folks use to save money. You can read all about the Trump-related information in the Daily Beast, TPM, the Guardian, Politico and Business Insider, among other places.

And to wrap things up, a bit of wisdom for you.

If the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

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