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5TtRT: Confidence in the press, Tom Petty, mental illness, Puerto Rico, & gun violence

There’s a new poll out that says Americans’ trust in the news is growing again. There’s a nice article from the Atlantic about Tom Petty, and an amazing read about mental illness in the Pacific Standard. FiveThirtyEight has an excellent article about gun violence today, and Media Matters is knocking down a hoax about a trucking strike in Puerto Rico.

5TtRT: Fake news, Mexico & Puerto Rico, North Korea & health care

5TtRT: Fake news, Mexico & Puerto Rico, North Korea & Trumpcare

Lots of people are reporting that the Trumpcare zombie has been forced back into its grave, but the deadline for repealing Obamacare using the budget reconciliation method is September 30, so I’m not calling a time of death until October 1st, folks.