Friday, October 7, 2016, 2:52pm

We’ve reached peak ‘Clown Hysteria’ for the year, folks. Shut it down and go home.

We've reached peak 'Clown Hysteria' for the year, folks. Shut it down and go home.

There appears to be a “Clown Lives Matter” assembly planned in Tucson, Arizona, on October 15, at 6:30pm. I’ve scoured the Internet and as far as I can determine, that is a real thing that is really going to happen in the real world.

Look, I’ve had my own little fun with the “creepy clown hysteria” meme, but this is ridiculous. Go home, 2016, you are drunk.

Today’s been kind of a busy day for news, for a Friday. The big (non-hurricane) news is that the US has issued a formal accusation against Russia for hacking the DNC and all those emails and whatnot, saying that Russia was looking to influence the election. Here’s the Joint DHS and ODNI Election Security Statement. This is news because US-Russia relations are mighty strained at the moment, and this ain’t helping. Basically if Russia and the US are two guys, they were at the “standing in each other’s faces, glaring and squaring up” phase, and this might have been the first push.

Meanwhile Donald Trump went after the Central Park Five again, claiming those guys – who were proven innocent of rape with DNA evidence and a confession from the actual rapist – were actually guilty. Read about it in The Guardian. They did a good job of getting all the history and context together.

Also, Trump just got caught saying some unpleasant stuff about women on a tape from 2005. “Unpleasant” as in basically he’s telling his guy friends that he gets away with sexual assault all the time because he’s rich and famous. This guy, I swear.

And since we’re on the topic, here’s Trump blowing off debate prep and getting in more tax trouble, and here are his supporters sending death threats to a civil rights museum because Trump couldn’t get a private tour there.

In other news, Facebook wants to give everyone free Internet in the US. Which is not what it sounds like. This is that “Free Basic” thing they tried to roll out in India, but that got slapped down due to regulations there. I kinda think it should get slapped down here, too. It runs right up along net neutrality issues, the way it’s set up.

Since I mentioned hurricanes at the top of the post, here’s the latest on Matthew. The Reddit live thread is still active, too. I’ve heard a bunch of people online claiming that “once again, hurricane fears were over-hyped” and similar sentiments, so I just want to take a second to let folks know that the fears were not over-hyped. Florida got lucky. Hurricane Matthew tacked slightly eastward late last night, sparing Florida’s coast from the worst. If it had not slid a couple of miles to the east, Matthew would have scraped Florida bare. Just so you know.

Here’s a couple of other articles you should check out if you need some reading material this weekend.

Supergirl, Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow are back next week. Here’s their trailers.

Finally, your Daily Cute: a tiny goat in a tiny coat making friends with a tiny pony. AAAWWWWW.

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