Monday, December 18, 2017, 8:00am

5 Things to Read Today (12/18/17)

The GOP’s tax scam bill is coming down the pipes any minute now – today or tomorrow. Got a second between Christmas shopping and present wrapping? Call your senators and representatives. Here’s the Congressional switchboard number: (202) 224-3121. ☎️

Daily Reading List

Politico: What’s in the new tax bill
“Republicans reached agreement Wednesday on melding the House and Senate tax legislation into a single bill that they hope to send to President Donald Trump next week. Here are the key details.”

Lawfare: There is No Truth Commission in L’Affaire Russe
“Rosenstein did two notable things in his testimony. First, he unequivocally stated that there has been no activity justifying firing the special counsel for cause.”

TechCrunch: Facebook adds a Snooze button for muting people, groups and Pages for 30 days
“Facebook today [12/15/17] is launching a new feature designed to give users more control over what content they see in their News Feed: a ‘Snooze’ button. The option, which will become available via the top-right dropdown menu on a post, will mute content from a person, Page or group for 30 days.”

Washington Post: The biggest Pinocchios of 2017
“It’s time for our annual roundup of the biggest Pinocchios of the year. Usually, this is an easy task, as we sort through the craziest Four-Pinocchio claims on issues of substance made by members of both parties. But this is the era of Trump, and nothing is ever easy. If we were not careful, we’d end up with an all-Trump list.”

Newsweek: ICE Kept 92 Immigrants Shackled on a Plane for Two Days in ‘Slave Ship’ Conditions, Advocates Say
“Interviewed by Newsweek, one of the men on the plane and an attorney for two others said ICE deprived the Somalis of adequate food and water, and access to a working bathroom, during their two-day detention on board, forcing them to urinate in empty water bottles or, when they ran out of the bottles, on themselves.”

Daily Cute

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