Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 6:49pm

Quick Look at the News: Donald Trump, Endangered Species Act, Chelsea Manning & More

Today turned out to be a busy day. That three-day weekend ganged up on me at work, apparently. I got to work this morning and found 800 things that needed doing that I swear weren’t there last week.

Anyway, we had some good news today: President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence, so she’ll be out of prison May this year instead of in another 28 years. If you don’t remember who Chelsea Manning is, you may remember that she used to be Bradley Manning and that she stole a bunch of slightly classified information back in 2010 and released it via Wikileaks, back before Wikileaks was a punchline.

I say “slightly classified” because there are levels of classification, and the stuff Manning released was like the baby aspirin of being classified. You can read a partial list of the things we found out from her release here.

In other news, Professor Angelia Wilson, an “expert in American politics” from the University of Manchester, thinks it’s “highly likely” that Trump will be impeached within 18 months of assuming the presidency. I’m not sure how much salt you should take with that story, but it’s nice to dream.

A Russian journalist, Alexey Kovalev, wrote a fun blog on Medium, if by “fun” you mean “a dread-inspiring look into the future.” Here it is: “A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media.”

If you had any doubts that the GOP intends to go full evil, they’re planning to go after the Endangered Species Act. And just in case you didn’t get enough heartburn from that, you can read about how most Republican men think it’s easier to be a woman these days.

Meanwhile, Vox has a few ideas on how Trump/the GOP could replace Obamacare without sentencing tens of thousands of people to death, and Politifact has rolled out their Trump-O-Meter (the “promises kept” tracker for the Trump presidency). Lawfare has a long and interesting read on why Russian dirt might not be the end of Trump, and to wrap things up on a more cheerful note, you can go read the Nieman Lab’s rundown of the New York Times’ digital plan for the next few years. It’s pretty interesting if you’re in to that sort of thing.

There were confirmation hearings for Betsy DeVos and a few other members of Trump’s clown rodeo, but I haven’t stumbled across any good round-ups of them yet, so more on that tomorrow, probably.

It’s a pretty rough news day, so have an extra Daily Cute.

Photo credit: Newspapers in black and white, by Jon S.

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