Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 11:04pm

Today’s Reading List: Trump, flossing & Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Busy busy busy busy lately, I’ll tell ya. Seems like I can’t look away for a second. Plus, I mean, these Pokemon aren’t going to catch themselves. (Are they? Is there an app for that?)

Speaking of Pokemon, Niantic, makers of Pokemon GO, figured out how their Facebook page works and made an update about all the stuff trainers have been complaining about. You can read it here. This is kind of big news because Niantic is famously bad at communicating with their player base.

Also, you know flossing, that thing where you carve your gums bloody every day with a piece of waxed string because otherwise your dentist gives you the stink eye when you go in? Turns out, it might be BS. As in, they kind of forgot to study if it was actually accomplishing anything or not.

Filed under “Trumpster Fire”: Max Boot has an interesting op-ed in the New York Times about when the GOP abandoned being the party of intellectual elites. Yes, that was a thing. Republicans used to be the eggheads, not the idiots. Meanwhile, Trump refused to endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain in their races. Ryan claims he didn’t even ask for an endorsement. No worries, Trump had a nice thank-you for Ryan’s opponent, anyway. In other news, Chris Christie criticized Trump for attacking the Khans, amazingly enough. And finally, Vox thinks President Obama is basically terrified that Trump might win, which I think is kind of an overblown way to put it, but they’re probably not wrong.

To wrap things up, go check out this kitty cat, who has had enough of your crap for today.

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