Monday, January 8, 2018, 8:00am

5TtRT: Donald Trump, social media, Trump-Russia, net neutrality, & collaborative news

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff

Okay, guys, I read the thing so you don’t have to. It’s about what you’d expect: 300 pages of “Dear gawd, these people are so ridiculously stupid.” You’re not gonna be enlightened, and you’ve probably read all the best quotes in the news already, but it’s not badly written and parts of it are pretty entertaining (in that “watching a train wreck” sort of way). I’d take a mighty big grain of salt with you if you intend to read it, though. Michael Wolff doesn’t exactly have the most stellar reputation, and the whole book has that “designed to make liberals super mad so it must all be true” feel to it.

5 Things to Read Today (1/8/18)

Vox: The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: this is “an emergency”
“From the incoherent, fallacious interview he gave the New York Times on December 28 to Tuesday’s tweet about his ‘nuclear button’ to his Saturday morning assertion that he is a ‘very stable genius,’ the remarks keep getting more menacing, bizarre, and portentous of disaster.”

(I dunno guys. I think there’s a better than average chance that he’s just really, really stupid.)

The Verge: It’s Not Just Logan Paul and YouTube — the Moral Compass of Social Media Is Broken
“Although Paul subsequently issued apologies, the callous stunt was just the latest in a string of incidents where popular YouTubers have posted jaw-droppingly offensive, prejudiced, or unethical content that would never pass muster at a traditional outlet.”

Washington Post: It’s time for Democrats to take this drastic step on Trump and Russia
“This morning, two Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee — Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) — sent a letter to GOP committee chair Charles Grassley demanding the release of the [transcripts of testimony delivered to Congress by the co-founders of the firm that commissioned the so-called Steele Dossier]. A Democratic leadership aide tells me that if the GOP majority refuses, Democrats will escalate calls for the transcripts’ release in coming days.”

Center for Cooperative Media: The Center for Cooperative Media’s collaborative journalism database is live!
“When you look at the the collaborative news database, you’ll see it’s a work in progress — not every entry is fully filled out yet. (We’re working on that.) Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting in touch with the organizations that we’ve entered into the database, to ensure that the information is accurate and comprehensive.”

GovTrack: Open Internet Preservation Act could allow “pay to browse fast”
“A new bill would allow a never-before-permitted feature on the internet: ‘paid prioritization,’ in which service providers could make some websites faster if they’re paid to do so.”

(FYI: This bill is being promoted as a net neutrality bill when it is, in fact, the exact opposite of a net neutrality bill.)

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