Friday, November 10, 2017, 8:00am

Friday Tunes: ‘In My Dreams,’ Dokken

I went to a concert years ago – Alice Cooper, Warrant and Dokken. Warrant opened and the whole audience sang along with everything and it was pretty great. Dokken came out and played a couple of songs while the whole audience stood around vaguely confused and silent. Then they launched into “In My Dreams” and the entire audience, all at once, went “Oh, these guys!” and sang along. I felt a little bad for the band.

Man it’s been a hell of a week for the news, eh? And after yesterday’s gawdawful crap parade with Alabama congressional candidate, Alabama Supreme Court two-time failure, and Ten Commandments fetishist Roy Moore and (formerly-) beloved comedian Louis CK, I’m actually a little scared to go look at the news today for fear of what garbage I might have to wade through.

In case you missed it, Roy Moore chased teenaged girls when he was 30, including molesting a 14 year old girl. That story comes with 30 sources and the four accusers, who came forward of their own volition, so I don’t want anybody coming in here with that “fake news” BS. Almost more disgusting than Roy Moore being a kiddie-diddler is the Alabama GOP defending and excusing him for it, lest they – gasp! – have to vote for a Democrat. Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale called around to the Alabama GOP for comments on Roy Moore and did a thread of their horrifying responses on Twitter.

The news about Louis CK masturbating in front of women without their consent has been going around for years so that didn’t shock me as much. As soon as the Weinstein story broke and women in Hollywood started accusing others, I knew the timer was ticking on the Louis story. There’s stories about Louis assaulting women, too, shoving them in bathrooms to masterbate in front of them, blocking them in rooms so he can get himself off, and similar. I don’t think we’re done hearing about him.

UPDATE: Louis CK has responded to the New York Times story about him.

In non-sexual assault news, Stephen Miller’s been interviewed by Robert Mueller. If you don’t know the name, Stephen Miller is the “altright” nazi who’s currently a senior policy advisor at the White House – one of Trump’s inner circle guys. I have a sneaking suspicion this investigation might be going faster than we think it is, because the Trump guys are just so freaking incompetent. Like, I half think Mueller’s wandering around his office right now thinking he could have put his interns on this investigation and saved himself the work.

I have a feeling Scoops O’Clock is going to be interesting today. Keep your eyes on the news around 5pm or so and see what the big boys drop heading into the weekend.

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