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Game of Thrones, Season 7 (Spoilers)

Game of Thrones, Season 7

Life got a bit busy there for awhile and I missed talking about the last three episodes of Game of Thrones, so I’m gonna wrap the whole season up right now.

I have only one complaint about season seven of Game of Thrones and that is the lightspeed travel times. I mean, I get it, we’re at the end of the run, we have a lot of ground to cover, and we don’t have time to be diddling around spending a whole season getting from Dragonstone to Eastwatch by the Sea. It’s a utilitarian move. Fine. I know why we had to do it that way. But still, it was super apparent that we were hella fudging travel times and distances.

Okay, wait, I was wrong. I have a second complaint. Ghost was MIA. I’m sure they spent all their FX budget on the dragons and the Night’s Army and whatnot and they had to cut something somewhere, but I missed Ghost and I had damn well better see him sometime in season eight.

But other than that and a few minor plot quibbles, it was an overall awesome season. It had it’s problems – probably most glaringly in Cersei’s motivations* and the Sansa/Arya/Littlefinger non-plot** – but everything season seven got right it got so right that I don’t care that much about the stuff that was wrong or badly done.

We got that amazing battle with Drogon and the Dothraki and the Lannisters. We got an epic undead standoff that resulted in a dead dragon, and then an undead dragon. We got some fantastic lines, particularly from Davos and the Hound. We got some fanservice – Gendry, everyone, rowing his ass back into the Game, and what was likely a confirmation of an impending Cleganebowl. (That would be the Mountain vs. the Hound, for you folks who are watching the show but not, y’know, wallowing in it.)

We also got more incest. We’ve got another incest Lannister on the way, apparently, although I doubt that little sucker’s ever actually going to be born. We also got Dany and Jon hooking up. If you’re a book reader you’ve been expecting that to happen for something like the last fifteen years, so that’s not surprising, per se, but I still resent being made to cheer on incest, George R.R. Martin. Yeah yeah, I know, this is just how Targaryens do, but it’s still icky, y’all.

* Speaking of Cersei’s motivations this season… basically she’s just crazypants at this point, right? She knows she can’t win. Everyone knows she can’t win, Iron Bank and the Golden Company aside. There’s no way she’s making it out of season eight. In fact, I’d be shocked if any Lannisters, including Tyrion, make it out of season eight.

I’m telling you right now: Jaime’s gonna kill Cersei. He’ll have to. It makes too much literary sense, given that he had to kill the Mad King for being homicidally insane. I don’t think Jaime’s gonna live through killing her, either. There’s my prediction.

** The Sansa/Arya/Littlefinger deal was just kind of badly handled, plotwise. I like that the sisters got over their differences and screwed Littlefinger to the wall, but I think that would have flowed better if the audience had been clearly let in on their machinations instead of the writers trying (and failing) to fool us into thinking Littlefinger was playing them. It just made everyone look kind of dumb and annoyed most of the audience.

Okay, that’s it. Season seven’s a wrap – only six more episodes until Spring, folks!

Episode 5: Eastwatch

Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

So we might be waiting awhile…

… for season eight, by the way. Rumor(ish) has it we might not see season eight until sometime in 2019. 😣

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