Saturday, December 2, 2017, 10:29am

The Senate’s tax bill passed last night.

About 2am last night the Senate passed their tax scam. Included in the hot mess was a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate, ANWAR drilling, a big fat giveaway to rich folks nominally paid for by screwing the middle class with their pants on, and a whole host of other bad news.

Wanna read up on it? Here you go. has a handful of good reads about the fallout from last night’s vote.

The Congressional Budget Office’s score came in during the floor fight last night.

Okay, so what now? Well, get up, dust off, and get your boots on, folks. We aren’t outta this fight yet.

The House passed one version of the tax bill, and the Senate passed a different version, so now, one of two things have to happen. Either the House of Representatives can straight up vote on the Senate’s version of the bill and, if it passes, send it on to be signed by Trump, or the House and Senate can go into a conference committee to work out the differences between the two bills. If they do that, then the House has to pass the merged bill and send it to the Senate, where they have to pass the merged bill. Then the merged bill can be sent to Trump to be signed.

It is not uncommon for a bill to fall apart or stall out during the conference committee stage, and it seems slightly more likely that Congress will go to committee, since there’s some stuff in the Senate version of the bill that doesn’t exactly make GOP House moderates happy.

But even if the bill doesn’t go to committee, even if the House tries to just pass it, we’re still not out of the fight. It’s time to raise some serious hell.

What do you need to do? Glad you asked. Here’s a list.

Start making phone calls. And I mean call, people, on your phone, to their phone. Emails, tweets, faxes, smoke signals – you can do all those too, but you. must. call. them. first. Especially if you have a GOP representative or senator, or a weaselly Democrat representative or senator. Phone calls get more attention and are given more weight by Congressional offices than any other method of communication short of showing up.

Can you get to your senator and/or representative’s office? Show up. Protest. Demand to be heard. The only thing that works better than a phone call is showing up.

You must keep calling, keep protesting, keep showing up, until this bill is killed.

Need to find your senators and representatives? Here’s some resources.

  • – In the upper right of the page, next to the House logo, there’s a box where you can enter your zip code and find your representative.
  • – Top left of the page, up in the grey bar, there’s a dropdown menu box you can use to locate your state’s senators.
  • Here’s the number for the Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

Flood their phone lines. Fill their voicemails. Stuff their email inboxes. Stand outside their doors. Jam up their fax machines. Litter their Twitter mentions.

Call. Call again. Keep calling. We can stop this if we make them understand that their jobs are on the line.

The 2018 elections are right around the corner, people, and if the GOP aren’t sweating bullets at the very thought of November 6, 2018, then you aren’t working hard enough. So after you’re done calling, find your local Democratic Party office and volunteer. Phone bank. Get people to elections. Register voters.

Decisions are made by those who show up. Plan to show up.

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