Monday, October 31, 2016, 8:00am

Happy Halloween, everyone! Let’s talk about Westworld.

I’m beginning to have grave concerns that Westworld is gonna go all Lost on us, folks. Don’t get me wrong – I’m enjoying every second of the show, but holy crap they are taking their sweet time in paying off some of this mystery. Especially for a 10-episode season. COUGH UP THE GOODS, WESTWORLD, I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME WITH YOU.

So, is it my imagination or has Maeve already gone fully sentient? Because it looks like she’s way ahead of Dolores on that score. Dolores is all “I’m in a maze, I’m questioning the meaning of life, I’m thinking my own thoughts and making my own choices” and starry-eyed and whatnot, and Maeve is all “Screw this shit and your maze, I own the place now.” On a side note, if that “These violent delights have violent ends” thing is a virus that kicks off the sentience, why aren’t both women infecting more hosts?

Also, was that not the most boring tourist trap of an orgy you’ve ever seen or what? That was like the Florida boardwalk of orgies.

Finally, when the two “butchers” were talking things over, Sylvester, the red-headed dick, said to Felix, the Asian guy, “Personality testing should’ve weeded you out in the embryo.”

Uh… what? Is Delos… growing their workers? I’ve hardly seen anyone mention this online, and when they do it’s only in passing, but, like, that’s kind of big. WTF is going on outside the park?

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