Monday, September 19, 2016, 6:42pm

Jazz had a little temper tantrum.

Jazz with her new 'toy.'

So, we ran some errands after work, one of which was to hit the pet store and snag some pet supplies. Pet supplies included, but were not limited to, cardboard kitty scratchin’ pads for the cats to destroy and a new kitty laser.

We returned home and Jazz jumped and danced and ran back and forth between us as we unloaded supplies and parceled them out. She ran up to investigate the scratch boards, ran over to see what I was up to, and ran back to check out the new laser. She ran back to me, ran back to Jim as he finished putting away groceries, ran back to me, ran back to Jim…

There were no toys for the Jazz.

She proceeded to throw a huffy little tantrum for ten minutes until we scrounged up something she could have.

Guys, we spoiled the dog rotten.

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