Monday, September 18, 2017, 8:00am

5TtRT: Juggalos, Ty Cobb, Hayley Anthony, Trump’s military parade fetish, & the 2016 elections

5TtRT: Juggalos, Ty Cobb, Hayley Anthony, Trump's military parade fetish, & the 2016 elections

Today’s shaping up to be a busy day. Here’s some reading material.

Politico: The Juggalos Come to Washington
“In 2011, the FBI classified the Juggalos as a gang, right along with more infamous gangs like the Bloods and Crips and MS-13. That classification has had a real impact on the lives of ICP fans, as they’ve reportedly lost custody battles, had their attempts to enlist in the military rebuffed and even been fired from their jobs by virtue of their association with an official, FBI-recognized gang.”

The New York Times: Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry
“The friction escalated in recent days after Mr. Cobb was overheard by a reporter for The New York Times discussing the dispute during a lunchtime conversation at a popular Washington steakhouse. Mr. Cobb was heard talking about a White House lawyer he deemed ‘a McGahn spy’ and saying Mr. McGahn had ‘a couple documents locked in a safe’ that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to.”

Wired: A Patient Gets the New Transgender Surgery She Helped Invent
“Like many other surgery patients, Hayley Anthony has a daily physical therapy regimen. But unlike other post-ops, the 30-year-old marketing consultant is recovering from a procedure she helped invent. Five months ago, she became one of the first people in the world to have a piece of tissue incised from the cavity of her abdomen and turned into a vagina. A surgeon in New York City may have pioneered and performed Anthony’s procedure – but the idea to try it in the first place was all hers.”

Politico: Trump wants his own military parade after being wowed by France’s
“President Donald Trump said Monday that he is considering commemorating the Fourth of July next year with a military parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.”

Vox: What really happened in 2016, in 7 charts
“There really are some things we know for certain did happen. At the heart of a lot of it is a dynamic that really was strange — both parties chose unpopular nominees — and a fair amount of the rest followed from that. But many of the particular facts defy easy interpretation.”

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