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5TtRT: Kaspersky Antivirus & Harvey Weinstein

5TtRT: Kaspersky Antivirus & Harvey Weinstein

Both Facebook and Instagram are down at this writing, which basically means I should go back to bed. Without those two platforms, my job doesn’t exist. Heh. Anyway, interesting reading today concerning two big topics: Harvey Weinstein and Kaspersky Antivirus.

5 Things to Read Today (10/11/17)

  1. New York Times: How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets
  2. Washington Post: Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached
  3. Reuters: Kaspersky’s U.S. spat a sign of Balkanisation in cyber world: Interpol
  4. John Scalzi: Harvey Weinstein and Other Abusers
  5. Teen Vogue: Harvey Weinstein is More Proof That We Can Take Down the Patriarchy With Storytelling

The Kaspersky story, as I understand it, goes like this: Russian government spy agencies were using Kaspersky Antivirus as a search tool to find US government operatives and code words for operations. Probably for more than US operations and operatives, actually, but we know they were looking for our stuff. Israel’s spy people were sniffing around another situation, discovered this, and tipped us off. That’s why, a couple of months ago, the US government ordered all departments to stop using Kaspersky.

It’s quite possible that Kaspersky itself, the company, had nothing to do with this. They could have been infiltrated by Russian government operatives. Also, as I understand it, if it’s running through a Russian server, you can safely consider it compromised by the Russian government.

I’ll remind you at this point that I’m so totally not any kind of an expert in this stuff. I’m just telling you the stuff I’ve read and heard from people who do have some expertise in this arena. Just a friendly heads up, there.

I added the Interpol story from Reuters because it’s… interesting, but I’m not sure it actually means anything. Interpol might have been out of the loop on some of the things the US and Israel knew about Kaspersky when Interpol made that statement. They might have just been trying to settle down tensions. It’s hard to say, and I don’t know enough about the situation to make a smart guess.

At any rate, it seems like the Russian government cyberspies might have had their fingers a lot deeper into a lot more pies than we knew, and isn’t that an unsettling thought?

Also, if you have Kaspersky running on your computer, maybe don’t do that.

Today’s other topic is evil garbage person Harvey Weinstein. John Scalzi, the sci fi author, has a bunch of smart things to say on that topic. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was an enjoyable read and I figured I’d share it.

Lauren Duca, of Teen Vogue, devoted her regular Thigh-High Politics column to Weinstein, sexual abuse, and how women lack a voice in fighting back against predators and in making decisions that affect our lives on a daily basis. Duca writes, “The patriarchy is built on our silence, but there is undeniable feminist power in storytelling. If you can, speak up. Share your experiences of sexism, big and small. Take on the cost for all of the women who can’t. Be aware of the forces working against you, and feel righteous in your choice to defy them. It is in amplifying the female perspective that we will create a sea change in the cultural conversation.”

Go read the whole thing and FFS, start believing women when they tell you things.

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