Friday, November 4, 2016, 8:00am

Legends of Tomorrow: Abominations (S2, Ep. 4 | Spoilers)

“The Legends find themselves fighting for survival against Confederate zombies in the Civil War.” (IMDB)

Quick Thoughts

  • I think one of my biggest gripes about CW shows is their characters’ insistence on keeping secrets simply for the sake of drama. One of the things that made that first season of The Flash so spectacular was the characters generally not doing that. There’s a time and a place for a secret, sure, but “just to generate drama” is not a good reason. I am, of course, referring to Future Barry’s super secret message that Jax and Stein stumbled over.
  • Can I just point out that the zombie extras on this episode are clearly having the time of their damn lives here? Particularly that one dude who popped up in front of the camera to mug and chew the scenery in the plantation house. That was the highlight of that guy’s whole day.
  • Also, Vixen and Sara were obviously completely underwhelmed with fighting in plantation gowns. Sara trying to throw kicks while tossing that stupid skirt around might have been the comedy highlight of the episode.
  • I was surprised to get a plot as weighty as Jax and Vixen dealing with Civil War-era slavery in a Legends of Tomorrow episode. I come to this show for goofballery, not feels. I initially didn’t think they landed this plot very well. Judging by everyone else’s reactions in the fandom boards, Twitters and subreddits, I’m gonna say I was wrong on that and chalk it up to my being excessively white. Not to say I thought they did a bad job of it – the actors were working their asses off for it. I just wasn’t sure it worked on the show.
  • So it’s been two episodes and I’m already super tired of Ray’s “I’m not a hero without my suit” thing. Like, superpowers and gadgets don’t make you a hero, man, and I really feel like someone needs to have that talk with Ray. Vixen only has powers because of her amulet and Rory only has his heat gun (and a bad attitude). Sara doesn’t have any powers at all. The only innately powered people on the ship are Citizen Steel and Firestorm. I just don’t feel like Ray’s inferiority complex is particularly earned, y’know? I mean twice now the guy has whipped out some serious super chemistry on the fly, and he’s all “I’m not sure what my place is here without my suit”? C’mon. You’re a frickin’ genius. If nothing else, you can stand around and be smart. Also, the guy went after a seriously creepy-assed Rory Zombie with a fire extinguisher and some science. Clearly he has the necessary chutzpah for the job.
  • While the scene with General Grant giving leadership advice to Sara was nice, Grant was an asshole IRL and I seriously doubt he would have given two shits about Sara Lance and her captaining qualities. I mean, it was a great scene and I loved the whole General Grant/Civil War/Battle plotline. It was just a bit of a disservice to actual history.
  • I’m not in love with the cold gun being handed off to Ray.

Line of the Night Award

“If Mr. Rory’s intention is to eat our brains, can you imagine the feast we’ll provide him, given our combined intellects?” – Dr. Martin Stein.

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