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Lucifer: Sin-Eater (S2, Ep. 3 | Spoilers)

The most compelling part of this show remains the slow reveal of the celestial plots and mythology. The police procedural stuff could use a little work.

This week the gang tackles a serial killer. Our killer works for a start-up social media company where users apparently post a lot of videos. So… like Vine? I guess? YouTube-ish or Instagram-y, maybe. Anyway, users upload videos and whatnot. The HR guy at the company has seen one too many videos of people being humiliated by so-called friends – revenge porn, prank vids – and has taken matters into his own hands. He’s forcing the posters to apologize on video, killing them in wildly complicated and horrifying ways, then posting the video to this new social media platform.

It’s a pretty straight-forward mystery, solved by the numbers, and used by the writers as a way for Lucifer to suss out why he continues to punish people even though he, in theory, doesn’t have to anymore, and for Chloe to contemplate why she’s still being an ass to Dan.

It’s a little ham-handed and on the nose, and it points out why the police procedurals are the weakest link in Lucifer. They’re uninspired, dull, and a bit tedious, plot-wise. The character building that comes out of them is usual not too shabby, but the tactic itself is just kind of blah.

I think this show would really benefit from re-working this element. One of the reasons why the celestial plots work so much better is that they’re layered out over the season, each reveal building on the last and working up to a big catharsis at the end of the season. Everything builds and works off what went before, and that makes plot reveals and character building feel more earned and real.

By switching the police procedural aspect from a case-of-the-week format to a second season-long arc, you could accomplish the same thing. If this serial killer plot, for example, had been stretched out, and maybe padded out with a few case-of-the-weeks along the way, you could work to make the whole thing more compelling. It could be designed the same way as the celestial plots, and built to mirror the character building going on in the other half of the show.

Over in the interesting plot, Maze hunted down Amenadiel and sent him to have a word with Lucifer about “the new woman in Lucifer’s life,” with the obvious idea that Amenadiel will discover it’s Mama Morningstar and ship her back to hell. So off he goes, and instead of shipping Mom off, it’s a big family reunion.

Also, Amenadiel isn’t doing so hot. He’s apparently living in his office and drowning his sorrows while his wings rot off. Yes, that will surely solve all your problems, Amenadiel. Good job.

The episode wraps up with Lucifer deciding that the way he’ll honor his promise to God, from season one, is to sentence Mama Morningstar to resuming Charlotte’s life as wife, mother and lawyer. She’s not happy. On her way out of Lucifer’s apartment, she’s robbed, and kills the robber with a burst of super strength. So it looks like Mama Morningstar isn’t as helpless as we thought.

Line of the Night Award

“DO NOT TOUCH THE CHARRED CROTCH.” – Chloe, to Lucifer and Ella, of the first corpse.

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